The Importance of the GED

The General Education Diploma (GED) is a sequence of four tests designed to assess a student’s proficiency in high-school-level knowledge and skills in four subject areas: Language Arts(including writing and reading), Social Studies, Science, and Math.  Upon achieving a passing score, a student will be awarded a GED Diploma, which is accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma in most states. The test is rigorous, designed such that a tester must outperform 60% of graduating high-school seniors in order to pass.  A score in the top grade band can earn a tester up to 10 college credits. Our tutors can help make sure that you get the help that you need in order to pass this test.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Our Ivy League-educated tutors have a wealth of experience in helping students pass the GED.  Our students have all passed the GED and our tutors know all of the tips and tricks to help you succeed.  Many of our student have scored in the highest grade band (College Ready + Credit) on the GED. Here is a testimonial from one of our satisfied students: