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The Importance of the IB Program

More and more high schools are switching over to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, which provides students with a global curriculum that prepares them for an increasingly connected world.  The IB program is nonetheless comparatively little-known to most students and parents, especially when compared with the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  But for students who have the opportunity, IB classes offer a richer and deeper educational experience and allow students to show colleges that they’ve been properly prepared for the depth and breadth of coursework that they’ll face in their undergraduate years.  In addition, most colleges who accept AP coursework for credit will accept IB coursework under similar conditions.

The IB Diploma Programme, in particular, is a way for your students to show colleges that they’ve taken the most rigorous courses possible in high school and will make their college applications stand out from the pack.  The Diploma Programme is a course of study comprised of at least seven IB courses: three Higher Level (HL) courses, three Standard Level (SL) courses, and one Theory of Knowledge class.  These courses must come from at least six different subjects, proving to admissions officers that your student is well-equipped for any course of study that they might wish to pursue.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Unlike many tutoring companies, Bulldog has tutors who have taken IB classes, including those who have completed the rigorous IB Diploma Program.  Our tutors know how to prepare for IB tests successfully because they’ve done it already.  With the help that BDT can provide, your student will be prepared to pass their exams with flying colors.  The IB exams are idiosyncratic and unlike the majority of tests that most high-school students will see beforehand – for example, the vast majority of IB exams are free-response and not multiple-choice.  Our tutors will teach your student strategies specific to the IB exams so that they can go into their tests with a firm understanding of what the test graders will be looking to see.

All IB tests have multiple components, and some IB subjects also require an oral examination in order to achieve a level of rigor and thoroughness that is unlike anything else a student would ever see in high school, although it is similar to the sorts of examinations students would see in college and beyond.

Almost half of the final IB mark in any IB class – which your student will send to colleges – will come from an independent project that a student will have to put together themselves.  Our tutors have gone through this experience and can help your student create a stellar project.  Whether your student needs help learning strategies for effective research or discovering how to write a top-quality paper, our tutors will help them boost their work to a level that will get the coveted IB grade of 7.

We tailor our tutoring services to meet the specific demands of your school’s IB program. Whether your student is a Full Diploma candidate or just pursuing some IB Certificates, our tutors will put them on the path to success.

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