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I can’t thank you enough for your help and support over the last few months in tutoring [my son]. We are so proud of him, as well. Equally as important is that fact that your guidance made a difference to help him see college as a next step in his future, and that he has the potential to do anything! 
Mary B.

GED Tutoring with Jessica Magro

I just wanted to reach out thank you for helping [my son] on his SATs and his ACTs. He just got his scores on the SAT: 1400 and 31 on ACT!!! … Thank you again!!! I appreciate it so much.

Noemi K.

SAT/ACT Tutoring with Brooks Chupp

I have worked with over a dozen tutors throughout my academic career and I have never had a better teacher than Shea… In our sessions, I have learned more French that I had ever for the duration of my three years in high school. Shea finds a way to make learning fun and exciting. She finds a way to make learning fun and exciting. She works with me at whatever pace I need while still challenging me to grow. For the first time I am understanding concepts that I had found so hard to grasp in the past. Shea dissects the language for me so that I can understand why certain things in French are spoken and written the way they are. I cannot stress how integral Shea has been in my studies of French!

Chloe S.

Language Tutoring with Shea Gregson

The tutoring sessions have helped our son immensely. He is doing so much better. He also really enjoyed the sessions and went from saying he hated biology to actually finding it interesting. Hats off to our tutor Madison.

Teresa B.

Subject Tutoring with Madison Masters

I just have to say that my daughter has NEVER enjoyed academic work before and not only does she think the teachers are “cool” but she actually likes school!  Thank you so much!!

Vassar B.

Subject Tutoring with Arturo Pineda

In a very short time, Jessica had assessed [my daughter’s] weaknesses, honed on a game plan for her studies and has been exceptionally attentive to her needs… She has a special gift to form bonds with her students. My daughter has grown in so many ways as a result of Jessica‘s teachings… She has accomplished life transformative changes in my daughter;s study habits. 
Carol T.

ACT Tutoring with Jessica Magro

 I should tell you how much Carly has enjoyed working with you—she has found the process a million times more enjoyable than she was expecting (dreading?) and I suspect you are largely to credit for that.  So, thank you, you are obviously doing a great job.

Jennifer S.

ACT Tutoring with Shea Gregson

Just wanted to give you the good news that Michael’s November 2, SAT just came out and he passed with flying colors! He got a 1500 and is in the 99th percentile on his first attempt! We are so proud of him. I want to especially thank Amanda for all her work with him, he could not have done it without her guidance. I will definitely be recommending the bulldog tutors to all my friends and colleagues. I’m a happy mother tonight and I’m so grateful to the whole team. Thank you!
Tope I.

SAT Tutoring with Amanda Vosburgh

In the short time you have been working with [my son] I have already seen improvement.  In the third quarter he made first honors for the first time and as of today (4th quarter ends on Friday), he has straight A’s (which he again has never had).  Equally important, he enjoys going to see you each week.  I appreciate your time and efforts with him and look forward to continuing to see his progress.

Jared P.

Subject Tutoring with Madison Masters

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