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The Importance of the PSAT/NMSQT

The Pre-SAT/National Merit Scholar Qualification Test (PSAT) is a test offered to high school sophomores and juniors as preparation for the SAT.  For juniors, it also functions as the preliminary round of the National Merit Scholarship competition, an extremely prestigious national award.  Some colleges even offer full-ride scholarships to any National Merit Scholar who applies.  Beyond that, top schools consider National Merit recognition to be a serious asset when evaluating an applicant’s candidacy.

The PSAT also allows students to prepare for the SAT at an earlier age than they otherwise would have been able to, as the PSAT/SAT redesign made the PSAT have an identical format to the SAT.  The PSAT features the same topics and the same problem-solving techniques as the SAT but geared towards underclassmen.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Bulldog Tutors employs many National Merit Scholarship recipients, so your student will be taught by an Ivy-League-educated tutor who scored at the highest levels nationally on the PSAT and who knows how to teach your student the skills they’ll need to succeed on the PSAT.  Our tutors are experienced with the new PSAT and know how to set your students on the path to success.

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