SSAT Preparation

The Importance of the SSAT

Many independent schools across the globe, including the most selective ones, require the SSAT as an admissions test. This test is designed to gauge the basic verbal, quantitative, and reading skills of your student. It is important to remember that the SSAT is a norm-referenced test, meaning that scores are given as percentiles comparing your child’s scores with those of students in the same grade-level across the country. That’s why it is so impressive that all of our SSAT tutors have scored in the top percentiles on their own SSAT.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Not only are all of our SSAT tutors top performers on the SSAT, but they are also Ivy League-educated. Our current Ivy League students and recent graduates still have the latest version of the SSAT fresh on their minds, unlike school teachers or tutors at many other companies. Our tutors have experienced the SSAT firsthand and can help your child succeed the same way they did. Let our Bulldog Tutors share their best test-taking tips with your child.

Our Process

We’ll start by assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can hone in on the most important areas to raise your child’s scores quickly and reliably. We’ll then offer one-on-one tutoring as often as needed, adjusting to your child’s unique learning style as the sessions progress.

Your child will be receiving the best SSAT Prep whether they meet with one of our tutors in-person or online. While your child is tutored in one of our rooms equipped with whiteboards and other resources, feel free to enjoy coffee and refreshments in our parents’ lounge area. Our center is fully stocked with test prep books and interactive learning spaces so that your experience at Bulldog Tutors is unrivaled anywhere else.

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