AP Exam Prep

The Importance of AP Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college-level classes taught to measure up to standards set by the College Board, the national corporation that administers the SAT.  Because of the standards that the College Board sets, many colleges are willing to accept AP courses for college credit if a student scores highly enough on the end-of-course AP test.  AP courses may be taken a la carte – as many or as few as a student wants – so students can tailor their courses of study precisely to fit their own needs.

Taking AP classes is a good way for your students to show colleges that they’ve taken a rigorous course load in high school and will make their college applications stand out from the pack.  Scoring highly on the AP test will not only provide students with potential college credits but will bolster their college applications.


The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Our tutors have taken AP classes, so they know how to prepare for AP tests successfully because they’ve done it themselves.  With the help that Bulldog Tutors can provide, your student will be prepared to pass their exams with flying colors.  The AP tests will approach their given subject matters from a unique perspective, and our tutors know all of the tricks that the College Board’s test writers will use to try and confuse test-takers.  Our tutors will teach your student strategies specific to the AP tests so that they can go into their test day confident that they know exactly what they need to do.


We currently offer tutoring for:


Math and Science:

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Calculus AB/BC

AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics C: E/M and Mechanics

AP Physics 1 and 2 (Algebra-Based)

AP Statistics

English, History, and Social Science:

AP Comparative Government and Politics

AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition

AP European History

AP Human Geography

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Psychology

AP US Government and Politics

AP US History

AP World History

World Languages and Cultures:

AP Chinese Language and Culture

AP French Language and Culture

AP German Language and Culture 

AP Italian Language and Culture

AP Japanese Language and Culture

AP Latin

AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Spanish Literature and Culture


AP Art History

AP Music Theory

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