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Bulldog Tutors conducts our online tutoring via Zoom – the same software that universities like Yale, Harvard, and Columbia use to teach virtual courses.


Bulldog Tutors Homework Clubs


We recognize that some students just need a productive environment with a knowledgeable tutor to help them get through their daily tasks and to help them build solid study skills. The Homework Clubs at Bulldog Tutors offers students the opportunity to work on their assignments in a group of like-minded middle school and high school students, lead by one of our Ivy League-educated instructors. Held on selected weekday and weekend afternoons in both our New Haven and Guilford offices, our Homework Clubs are an affordable way to help your student grow, collaborate with other learners, and develop good homework habits.

Our Homework Clubs are kept small to ensure that our top-tier tutors can give your students the individual attention they need, even in a group setting with diverse learners. 

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