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SAT Prep Classes: Our Strategy

Bulldog Tutors’ SAT classes provide students the same quality test preparation that our tutors are known for in an intimate classroom setting.  We make sure to keep our class sizes small so that your students can get personalized attention from our tutors and so that they don’t get lost in a crowd, as happens in other test-prep classes.  Our tutors can teach your students how to avoid the tricks that SAT test-writers love to use, as well as the question-reading and problem-solving skills they’ll need to approach each question with confidence.

Our Instructors

Our SAT class instructors are Ivy League-educated and have all recently earned the most competitive scores on their own SAT. Bulldog Tutors instructors have access to a wealth of test materials, whether exclusive resources provided directly by the College Board or materials prepared by our in-house curriculum experts, that enable them to provide the best SAT prep class in Connecticut.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Bulldog Tutors has a history of producing top scorers on the SAT. Our tutors are not schoolteachers who have never taken or are many years removed from having taken the SAT themselves, but rather are high-performing individuals who have rigorously discerned the best and most effective methodologies for the SAT. The result: SAT classes with our top SAT tutors allow for an accelerated score increase from the average to the above-average range. Even more remarkably, students who are high performing can easily break through plateaus between the 95th-99th percentile (as determined by the College Board).

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