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The ACT is a college-admissions test written and administered by an independent group.  All colleges which have testing requirements will ask students to take either this test or the SAT.  There are two principal differences between the ACT and the SAT: the questions on the ACT are more direct, and the ACT is more math-and-science oriented.  The ACT also covers a few more topics in its math section than the SAT does, so students who consider themselves to be stronger in math than in English might find that the ACT is a more appropriate test for them than the SAT. 

In a global economy that increasingly values STEM education, the ACT can allow your students to distinguish themselves from their peers and demonstrate their capabilities in math and science.


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Bulldog Tutors can provide your students with comprehensive ACT prep from tutors who have taken the ACT themselves.  Our tutors have all scored in the 99th percentile, including some who have scored a perfect score of 36.  Our tutors know the material that will show up on the ACT and know exactly what the test writers look for when they build a problem.  Bulldog Tutors can equip your students with not only the knowledge that they need to take the ACT but also the strategies and tricks specific to the ACT that they can use to get a head-start on the competition.

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