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With offices in New Haven and Guilford, Bulldog Tutors employs only the world’s best tutors in order to instruct your children. Our tutors are exclusively Ivy League graduates and students and have top scores on all tests that they teach. Thus, we are able to see a drastic growth in scores as compared to our competitors. Since 2012, we have provided customized, 1-on-1 tutoring across all academic subjects and to students of all ages. We take a personalized approach to instruction that targets students’ weaknesses and helps them succeed in subjects where they may have been under served by traditional educational settings.

Our teaching methods emphasize open communication between the student, their parents, the tutor, and the student’s other teachers. By soliciting the input and feedback of everyone invested in the student’s success, we are able to tailor our lesson plans to the student’s specific needs, and ensure that every tutoring session adds to their understanding of the subject matter.

Throughout the process, we evaluate students both to measure their progress, and to gauge the effectiveness of our methods. At Bulldog we believe that each student has a unique learning style that works best for them. From the outset, we pair every student with a tutor who matches their style, and then we continually calibrate our approach to match their needs, interests, and the curriculum of their school.

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